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Holiday Club

Our holiday club caters to children between the ages or 4-9 years of age and has a variety of age appropriate activities and extra special events put on for the children! We choose a theme for each week of holiday club which sometimes varies for differing age groups based upon activities. As this is the children's holiday time we aim to ensure they have many opportunities to play, explore and relax while having fun with their friends and our staff!

Our next theme is: The Valentines Love Bugs

We welcome all children whether they attended the nursery or not in pervious years, children tend to make new friendships in the setting and look forward to meet their friends every school holiday!

Scribbles runs a holiday club in all school holidays except bank holidays and the Christmas period between Christmas and New year.

For more information and a booking form, please click the links below!


February Half Term 2023

Feb holiday Club.png
Role-Play Dress up
Sensory Spider Hunting
Pumpkin Carving
Baking Tasty Treats
Arts and Crafts
Movie Snacks
Our Movie Day
Our Movie Day
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