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Jelly Babies


Our Jelly babies are currently located at our Beacon Park Baby Unit, adjacent to the Beacon Park branch of the settings - it compromises of two spacious baby orientated rooms for children ages 3 months to 2 years and also houses the Burrow - our early years assessment centre.

Both rooms have dedicated sleeping areas with cots and a changing room; with a ratio of 1 member of staff to every 3 babies..

We carry out a variety of activities such as messy play, music time, heuristic play, treasure baskets, sensory areas and plenty of play opportunities. We have a special baby bus which enables the children to visit the local woodland environment situated next door as we love to explore. We try to encourage new experiences - alongside visiting our Beacon Park friends!

Children follow a carefully planned journey from Jelly Babies through to our other rooms. Each room has its own settling and transition routine to make sure that children are not overwhelmed by their progress,  and of course you are included in this process.  We use a software programme called 'Nursery in a Box' so you can see into your child's experiences that day first hand using the parent admin page!

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We are a proud member of the 1001 days movement - taking part in a mass organisation to ensure quality care for children throughout pregnancy up until their second birthday to support further development.

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The Burrow is our early years assessment centre, based at The Nurture Cove. 

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