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Jelly Tots

Our Jelly Tot Room has a light and airy vibe with direct access to the outside for your little ones, our tots age range of 2-3 has a big importance for outside play and their development.  We provide well resourced areas your child will have every opportunity to experience a fantastic environment which will support their learning and development, the rooms offer a changing/potty training area, an area to eat in and a much needed sleep area.

This age range of children start to develop an increasing independence, alongside a big change in self-expression, movement and communication styles. Our rooms at Scribbles offer many opportunities to learn through play and develop their skills through planned activities such as arts and crafts, heuristic play, music and movement,

The room is able to accommodate all meals throughout the day - snack, lunch and dinner! And also accommodates for areas such as home corner, book corner and construction area!


By having our room this way it allows children to experience the room how they want to - and learn how they choose! Children have an adjacent garden for play that extends to their activities via the garden. Tots has direct access to our sensory room, and love to get stuck in!

The Nursery Pet

Say Hello to our nursery fish! Our fish enable the Jelly Tots children to explore living creatures from a safe distance, and to help in maintaining their tank and even feeding them! The fish are a great way for the children to learn all about the life cycle in their early years!

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