Jelly Tots

We have two spacious rooms access directly outside to the garden area.The room is equipped with a changing room and toilets with plenty of space for meals and sleeping.

At this age, children begin to show an increasing independence and obvious pleasure in moving, communicating and learning through play. Our Scribble Wiggle is an opportunity to get physical and have some fun. Our  rooms offer many opportunities for their developmental needs. We also include various other activities such as arts and crafts, heuristic play, music and movement, exploratory areas and plenty of opportunity for free play both indoors and outside.

In terms of organisation, the room caters for all their messy activities: arts and crafts, sand and water play, cornflour, play dough and much more. The room also is the base for all meals served throughout the day. The room includes areas like their home corner, book corner,  construction area as well as a comfy carpeted area with sleep mats and blankets.

By setting the rooms up in this way we aim for the children’s development to take place without too many overly formal activities. The children will be able to explore and learn throughout their day without too much pressure. They have access into the garden which provides them with an outdoor extension to their indoor activities.





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