Jelly Babies 

We have a very spacious baby room for our Jelly Babies, It  comprises of a sleep area with cots and a changing room; the room  can accommodate up to 15 children and is looked after by a total of  5 members of staff along with Bank staff and lunch cover.

We carry out a variety of activities such as messy play, music time, heuristic play, treasure baskets, sensory areas and plenty of play opportunities, in our garden area. Our babies take regular trips into the garden, where they have a dedicated “baby patio” of their own!


The nursery benefits greatly from being next door to Priory Gardens, so we often take babies out for walks with pushchairs.Many of our babies in these rooms will be making their first steps in terms of walking, talking and feeding themselves and we therefore make every effort to ensure staff and parents are working very closely together to monitor and share progress. This is done using Tapestry an online learning journey. 


Children follow a carefully planned journey from Jelly Babies through to our other rooms. Each room will have its own settling and transition routine to make sure that children are not overwhelmed by their progress.  And of course you are included in this process. 




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