Sensory Room

Our sensory room is an environment that has been created for the purpose of providing our children a place where their senses can be stimulated or provide a place for them to relax and have therapeutic activities to enhance their development. 


The room is often changed to support current themes or interests of the children. It also has the ability to be adapted to support the needs of an individual child. 

Here are the main benefits of using our sensory room:

  1. Each individual piece of equipment used in our sensory room is designed to stimulate the users’ senses through the use of various scents, sounds, textures and colours.

  2. This calming room introduces a quiet, relaxing environment to their users where they can feel safe and at ease. Sensory products such as bubble tubes lend further to this by creating a peaceful effect with their soothing vibrations and floating bubbles.

  3. All the products promote interaction in their own unique way to encourage users to watch, touch, smell and listen, which in turn teaches them other skills such as colour and shape recognition as well as cause and effect.

  4. If an individual suffers from a visual impairment, a dark room combined with the use of bright fluorescent colours will help to stimulate their vision. If on the other hand an individual has an impediment with their hearing, equipment that vibrates or makes different sounds will be more effective.

  5. Sensory products help give users the confidence to move around safely and easily interact with their surroundings whilst boosting their self-esteem and allowing them to feel more in control of their surroundings.

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